Friday, July 15, 2016

Sprinkler System Issues

Hey guys, first off, thanks for taking time out to read this post. Bought a house several months ago that came with a installed sprinkler system. Well now that I'm finally home, of course there are all kinds of issues that aren't covered by warranty. Essentially I have grass in the front and back, however my sides are all shrubs and pine needles.

The house was a show home along side 3 other houses, so when they built them, they installed a single large sprinkler system, then before they sold them the basically split the system up.

Here's the issues, one side of my house that was supposed to have a drip line, doesn't even have it connected, its completely cut off and then there were several leaks occurring causing a lot of water build up and mud.

First question, how hard would it be to start replacing all the drip lines for regular piping and pop up heads, I plan on putting in sod on all the sides?

Second, the heads in the front of the house are significantly smaller than the back yard, does this mean the piping will be smaller as well?

I'm not really sure how to tackle this project, I would love to fix whats broke and leave it at that and the regular heads on the side, but what are the chances that the entire system is just crap. Should I try and tackle this whole project with zero experience?

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