Friday, July 15, 2016

Help/Advice - Finishing mini-retaining wall around flower bed

I got about half-way through putting down edging blocks for a new flowerbed last weekend, but while I thought it would be a straightforward project all the way through, I now realize I need help :)

1.) On the far right end of the downhill slope, it looks like the blocks will probably get to be 7 or 8 levels high. Should I be concerned about the load that will be placed on that end by the 2 feet or so of new gravel and soil that will exist there?

2.) I didn't know to 'stagger' the blocks and now I'm thinking I probably need to go back and do that. Not only because I'm concerned it might not look that great the way it is now once the columns get to be 7 or 8 levels high, but the wall would probably be much stronger.

3.) What should I do about the uneven ground level underneath the deck, behind the lattice? If I fill in the flowerbed area alone, clearly it will be much higher than the existing ground level there. I'd planned on putting some kind of hardiboard in front of the lattice, just high enough to match the flower bed level, but now that I see how high it will get... Is the best option to raise the ground level under the deck to match? Alternatives? Obviously that bush is going to have to go.

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